The legal sector is a competitive landscape. Here, the currency must be trust, and the stakes are high.


Details matter when it comes to legal services, and how you present your firm online is no exception. 

We understand that in your field, trust is not just a word; it’s a commitment that permeates everything you do for clients.  But, it might be a surprise to learn that trust is a critical element of your firm’s success online too.

Everyone values trust when it comes to relationships in business. Trust creates an environment where your clients can rely on you to deliver your promises. The way you build trust and deliver your service will demonstrate the values you uphold. 

Now, more than ever before, trust is key when it comes to building a relationship online. 

When someone lands on your website, they’re immediately hit with signals (consciously and subconsciously). These clues can furnish web visitors with the confidence to believe you can work together toward achieving their goals. Or, they can make someone head for the hills.

When we meet face to face, there’s an array of verbal and unspoken messages perceivable, helping people build trust between one another.  The digital world is very different. Trust must build quickly, otherwise a prospective client can lose interest and be gone in a matter of seconds. 

Making the right first impression online with a potential new customer is vital, but it’s equally important that Google trusts you as well.

Why is trust important?


Trust signals are crucial for Google and SEO. 

An SRA study in 2023, found that 43% of the public start their search for a legal service provider online. If you want to be in the game and vying for the business of a new customer, then getting Google to trust you is just as important as getting the person to trust you.  

In the quest for new client instructions, developing how your firm’s “Trust signals” appear to Google is something you need to be concentrating on.

If your trust signals fail to persuade Google, then you’ll be left on the outside looking.


How to show trust as a law firm


When a person or a business is looking for a service from a law firm, they’ll want to know that you have the knowledge, experience and quality that can deliver the best outcomes for them.

Remember though, to have the chance to speak to them about their needs, you must be in their line of sight, so first you need Google to trust you. 

To win Google’s trust you have to show them they too can rely on you to do the right thing by its users and in turn your future clients.

You’ve got to consider how best to demonstrate strong trust signals to Google and the people it can deliver to your doorstep.  

Building trust is a must! 

Demonstrating trust though your website can be achieved in numerous ways.

  1. Accreditations & memberships (STEP, CQS, APIL, AvMA, LEXCEL)
  2. Awards (Legal 500, Chambers & Partners)
  3. Detailed lawyer profiles
  4. Confidence & expertise assets (case studies, blogs, podcasts, testimonials)
  5. Web design
  6. Reviews (TrustPilot, Review Solicitors, Google Reviews)
  7. Domain authority
  8. GoogleMyBusiness
  9. Social signals
  10. Knowledge panel
  11. Ontology optimisation

Whether you’re working toward being trusted by Google or making sure that first contact with a new customer is one that counts. You’ve got to make it clear you know what you are doing and you’re awesome at it.

Why does Google value “Trust” when it comes to law firms?


Google’s systems are designed to use many different factors to rank great content. To do this, they can identify a mix of factors that help determine which content demonstrates aspects of experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. This is what Google calls “E-E-A-T”.

Of these aspects, trust is most important. The others merely contribute to trust!

Due to the nature of your legal services (and therefore content that describes your services) Google deems E-E-A-T factors to be critically important. 

Google categorises legal services content as a “Your Money, Your Life” topic, or YMYL for short.  YMYL topics are those that can significantly impact the health, financial stability, or safety of people, or the welfare or well-being of society.

This means Google’s systems give more weight to content that aligns with strong E-E-A-T principles. 

To succeed with Google, you’ve got to get your trust signals humming.


What is YMYL and how does it link to Google E-E-A-T? 


Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) covers a wide range of website topics, and many of them align with the underlying reasons why a person or a business may need legal advice or representation:

Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) covers a wide range of website topics, and many of them align with the underlying reasons why a person or a business may need legal advice or representation: 

    • YMYL Health or Safety: This includes any area which could affect someone’s health, either mentally or physically, and even stretches to their safety online.
    • YMYL Financial Security: Anything that could impact someone’s finances, and their ability to support themselves and their loved ones comes under this category.
    • YMYL Society: This covers topics which could affect a certain group of people within society, or create doubt in established institutions to change social opinions.
    • YMYL Other: This covers anything else that could negatively impact people in society which doesn’t come under those mentioned above.

YMYL necessitates the need for Google to ensure it directs users to websites where content is seen to be knowledagble and accurate, thus lessening the potential for detrimental consequences to its users.

YMYL makes building trust crucially important for your firm, whether you know it, or not. 

You need to show Google that your content is accurate and can be relied upon by people to help them make the right decisions. 

Google’s aim is to provide relevant and user-friendly search results, trust is one of the most vital points the search engine looks for. In fact, it forms the main part of Google E-E-A-T, which can be broken down into: 

  • Experience: This is all about showing that you are experts in your field. You can do this in various ways, such as adding lawyer team biographies onto your website, adding LinkedIn profiles  and showcasing your lawyers’ experience on other websites.
  • Expertise: This is all about showing that your content is accurate, even more important when you consider YMYL. You can do this through researching the topic well before writing content for your website, citing other authoritative websites where statistics are used (such as the HSE and BBC), and fact-checking your content before it is uploaded.
  • Authority: This takes time to build. Some law firms in a given city will rank higher than others and one of the reasons for this is that they have gathered a level of domain authority within their speciality. A way to gain this authority is through creating really detailed content, getting quality backlinks from high authority sites and having a consistent presence on social media.
  • Trust: For Google to present your websites to users, it needs to know that it is both a trusted source and secure website. You can help showcase this through using client testimonials, accreditations and awards. Google will also identify if your website is secure and how you protect personal data.

If you’re not addressing “trust” for your new customers or for Google, then you’re severely limiting your potential for new business & revenue.


Trust us, we’re experts.


Cure Digital’s legal digital marketing experts specialise in helping law firms to succeed online with methodologies that help build trust signals for law firms. 

We ensure Google takes notice and we employ strategies for our legal clients that make your prospective clients feel they are engaging with the right firm. 

It is imperative that you prove that your content is accurate and that your team has the expertise and knowledge to guide clients towards the best outcome.

With more than 15 years of experience specialising in law firm digital marketing.

We stay on top of Google’s direction and changes. We can help take your online presence to the next level, so get in touch today for your free consultation, and we would be more than happy to help.


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