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For a site to perform well, it must have a sound technical environment. The first step in any successful SEO campaign is to ensure a robust foundation for the site, upon which the SEO campaign can be built.

Technical SEO Services are fundamental in today’s digital space, where Google can penalise websites with poor structure, slow page load time and wonky redirects. Without appropriate intervention, these Technical SEO issues can lead to a steep drop in search rankings and organic traffic.

This underscores the importance of having a team of Technical SEO experts dedicated to ensuring your site adheres to search engine guidelines for flawless crawling and indexing. At Cure Digital, our specialists dive deep, conducting thorough audits of your website to evaluate its current SEO standing. We identify key improvements to enhance the online experience for potential customers, handling all the intricate details on your behalf.

We’ve designed our Technical SEO Services to enable your business to achieve its full potential, offering clear and practical strategies that drive improved ROI and long-term success. Leveraging our unparalleled expertise in boosting online visibility, we ensure your business not only attains but exceeds its digital marketing goals, cementing its authority in the competitive digital space.


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Our Technical SEO Approach


Navigating the digital landscape requires a deep understanding of on-page SEO strategies and algorithm updates to enhance your website’s profitability. Technical SEO is vital for structuring web pages that meet user and search engine needs. With the top organic search results attracting about 35% of clicks, a lower search ranking can significantly affect your business. 

As user expectations evolve with search technology advances, the importance of site speed and mobile experience has grown, evidenced by Google’s mobile-first algorithm updates in response to the global increase in smartphone users, now at 3.5 billion.

Technical SEO involves conducting crawl error reports, removing duplicate content and ensuring you audit your domain correctly. Also, refining metadata, verifying HTTPS status codes and fixing broken links are vital in optimising your website’s technical foundation. 

The rise of user-friendly CMS like WordPress, Wix and Squarespace has simplified website creation without coding. Yet, novices often make technical SEO errors, affecting search visibility and user experience. 

These errors include issues with mobile responsiveness, URL structure and duplicate content, along with poorly optimised meta tags, neglected image optimisation, not using structured data, misapplying robots.txt, improper internal linking, not creating an XML sitemap and mishandling redirects. Addressing these common mistakes is crucial for enhancing a website’s search engine standing and user interaction, ensuring a solid foundation in the ever-evolving SEO landscape.

Managing these various aspects of Technical SEO whilst focusing on your core business operations can be overwhelming, consuming valuable time, money and resources. Our Technical SEO specialists recognise this challenge and remain dedicated to assisting you through this intricate process. 

By trusting us to craft your Technical SEO strategy, you’re opening the doors to realising your website’s growth potential. Our comprehensive approach ensures the meticulous optimisation of your web pages to meet the evolving standards of search engines, driving your business forward in this competitive digital space. Is your website’s technical on-page SEO functionality disrupting your organic search performance? Our Technical SEO experts are ready to take on the heavy lifting!


Technical Mastery for Search Supremacy

Within their first year with us, clients see notable boosts in search rankings and user engagement. Cure Digital focuses on refining your site’s technical SEO to improve accessibility and search engine visibility, enhancing both user experience and performance.

A Team of Experts

Technical SEO specialists, developers, designers and content strategists: every team member applies their specific expertise to create a comprehensive technical SEO plan, enhancing your website’s performance and visibility.

ROI-Centric Approach

We’ll never keep you in the dark or speak in a language you don’t understand. Real, tangible results are the only way we communicate, delivering new business enquiries, web traffic spikes and a strong ROI every time.

Tailored Strategies

Whether you’re a new company or an established chain, we create tailored strategies that centre around your business’s unique challenges and opportunities with only your best interests in mind.

You can read more about our Technical SEO work for our clients in our success stories.


Measurable results are the name of the game.

“Put simply, Cure Digital have delivered, they have turned the enquiries tap on where others haven’t.”

Neil CormackMarketing Director, Lupton Fawcett LLP

“I have worked with several digital marketing agencies and Cure Digital is by far the best.”

Philip WalshPartner, Clifford Johnston & Co

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Our Comprehensive Suite of Technical SEO Services

Speed Optimisation

We enhance your site by optimising code, minimising redirects, utilising browser caching, employing Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and boosting server response times to elevate your search engine ranking and significantly improve the online experience for your customers.

Metadata Analysis

We conduct Technical SEO on your CMS by examining and refining meta descriptions, title tags, meta keywords, alt attributes and robot tags, ensuring all metadata is correctly used and avoiding any errors that might detract from your SEO effectiveness.

Website Migration

At the time of or just after a migration, technical audits are required to verify mapping all changed URLs. We update all internal links, remove duplicate content, handle 404 pages and closely monitor traffic and rankings to ensure a smooth transition and maintain SEO integrity.

Structured Data Markup

We highlight your page elements, assign data tags, create the HTML and add schema markup to your page to make it easier for search engines to crawl, interpret and display your content, testing it and diagnosing any issues that may arise throughout the process.

Technical SEO Audit

We perform an in-depth SEO technical audit to uncover and mend your website’s technical SEO issues, covering crucial checkpoints, including internal link structure, mobile performance, page speed, crawl errors, indexation and site architecture to develop short- and long-term solutions to improve your visitors’ website experience and increase your Google rankings.

Backlink Analysis

We use various backlink data sources to identify your referring domains, check their site authority and determine the social share magnitude of linking pages to ensure you receive incoming links from reputable and high-authority websites.

Technical SEO Strategies with Lasting Results

Implementing the right technical SEO strategy is essential for your website’s online success. Through effective technical optimisation, you can quickly identify and resolve website issues, ensuring that every component functions properly. By addressing these foundational elements early on, you remove obstacles that could hinder your content’s performance in search engines or even prevent it from showing up at all.

Technical SEO stands at the crossroads of marketing and development, emerging as a distinct expertise. At Cure Digital, our proficiency lies in collaborating across various domains involved in the Technical SEO process, ensuring our clients’ websites are easily crawlable and analysable by search engines. 

Complementing this, we offer streamlined Technical SEO audits, presenting a concise set of prioritised actions. This direct guidance aids both in-house and development teams in making the necessary updates efficiently, reinforcing our commitment to enhancing search engine visibility for our clients.

Leverage Cure Digital’s Technical SEO Services to your advantage and be on your way to achieving profitable, long-term growth. When you partner with us, you gain access to a team dedicated to elevating your online presence, ensuring every aspect of your site is optimised for maximum visibility and performance. Don’t let technical hurdles hold you back. Reach out today, and let’s start building your path to success.


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Technical SEO Knowledge Panel

What is Technical SEO?

The phrase ‘Technical SEO’ encompasses numerous factors such as internal linking, site speed, page titles, broken links and meta descriptions. Optimising these elements creates a stronger foundation for your website, enhancing visibility, raising awareness and boosting inbound traffic.

What is a Technical SEO audit?

A Technical SEO audit comprehensively examines any deficiencies that hinder a website from reaching its full organic search capabilities. It identifies all the aspects that require enhancements to optimise SEO performance.

Why is Technical SEO so important?

Given that every website and customer requirement is distinct, adopting a customised Technical SEO strategy is essential for boosting your site’s organic visibility and traffic from search engines. This tailored approach ensures that the key recommendations are implemented effectively, offering tangible benefits to your online presence.

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