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SEO Site Auditing Services in Manchester, Stockport & Cheshire

SEO Audits are an absolute must if you want to stay ahead of the competition. They provide insights into your website’s overall performance, identify technical issues and uncover untapped opportunities, enabling you to create an  SEO strategy that equals success. Search engine algorithms are ever-changing, so regularly auditing your website is crucial.

At Cure Digital, we understand the dynamic nature of the digital landscape and the pivotal role that SEO plays in navigating it successfully. As a specialist SEO Agency in Stockport and Manchester, we provide a bespoke SEO Auditing Service meticulously designed to dissect your online presence, focusing on the strengths we can amplify and the weaknesses we can rectify.

SEO Site Auditing is a journey of discovery.  A deep dive to unearth all the hidden issues preventing  a website from achieving what it could be. Drawing upon our extensive experience with various sectors, including law firms and eCommerce businesses, we conduct a forensic investigation into your website’s performance, turning the digital depths inside out to ensure every aspect is optimised for peak performance.

We carefully craft our SEO Auditing Services in a way that’s designed to unlock your website’s full potential, ensuring each move strategically aligns with your business objectives. Contact our specialists today and arrange for your site audit, embarking on an adventure to digital excellence that promises growth and measurable success.

SEO Auditing Services

Talk to an SEO specialist today on 0161 660 3281 to arrange your site audit.

Our Approach to SEO Auditing


Your website is a complex network of pages, and if you want to improve your performance in search rankings, you should follow Google guidelines. An SEO Audit uses tools like Google Search Console to discover errors, notifications and updates affecting your on-page SEO. As part of our in-depth process, we use tools like Moz Pro, Screaming Frog, Semrush and Majestic SEO to get further insight into various elements of your site.

Through a detailed analysis of aspects such as duplicate content, broken links, error pages and browser and resolution compatibility, we can create recommendation documents that act as a roadmap for your web developer to implement the necessary technical changes to your website to unleash its full organic search potential.

And if you really want us to, we’ll stay involved throughout the process, project-managing your developer and other third parties, holding them accountable and ensuring they carry out our recommendations to the highest possible standard. In doing so, we’re saving you time and stress, allowing you to get on with running your business, safe in the knowledge all parties are pulling together to redefine your digital strategy and dominate the search results pages.

We carry out SEO Audits with the goal of creating long-term relationships, so if you want to see your business achieve new highs, get in touch today.


Your SEO Audit—Where Precision Meets Performance

Our SEO Auditing services will enable you to unlock your website’s brilliance, designed to elevate your site’s visibility and connect with your target audience. By delving deeper into your website’s structure, we craft bespoke strategies to boost your site’s performance, guaranteeing rapid growth and exceeding expectations.

A Team of Specialists

Blending analytical brilliance, technical prowess and strategic ingenuity, our team forges a comprehensive SEO Audit to redefine how your site communicates with search engines and users, ensuring your online presence is persuasive and powerful.

Driven by Data

With our SEO Auditing, expect nothing less than a marked increase in leads, a surge in web traffic and a genuine improvement in your ROI. Our team remains committed to exceeding expectations, making your investment in SEO a crucial aspect of your business growth.

Expert Auditing Strategies

The technical health of your website is pivotal in ensuring your site ranks highly, and you can trust in us to guarantee your site is technically sound and follows best practices, providing you with recommendations that result in impactful changes.

Schedule your SEO Site Audit today, and find out how Cure Digital can help you achieve success.


Measurable results are the name of the game.

“Put simply, Cure Digital have delivered, they have turned the enquiries tap on where others haven’t.”

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“I have worked with several digital marketing agencies and Cure Digital is by far the best.”

Philip WalshPartner, Clifford Johnston & Co

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Signs Your Website Might Need SEO Auditing Services

Significant Traffic Loss

A notable decrease in website traffic can signal problems with your website’s SEO strategy or recent algorithm updates that have negatively impacted your rankings. Our SEO Audit will determine the root causes, i.e. on-page issues, lost backlinks or penalisations, setting a course for recovery.

Slow to Load

You might think website speed is just a user experience issue. Actually, it’s also a significant ranking factor. A slow-loading site can deter visitors, negatively affecting search rankings. Our SEO Audit will identify bottlenecks, including unoptimised images or clunky scripts slowing down your site.

Links are Broken

Broken inbound and internal links signal the need for a website audit. Inbound link issues can lower search engine rankings by affecting domain authority, while broken internal links disrupt site navigation and user experience. Regular audits are crucial for identifying and fixing these problems and maintaining site integrity and SEO health.

Ranking Lower Than Your Competitors

A clear sign your SEO strategy needs reevaluation is if your competitors are consistently outranking you for key terms. Our SEO Audit will offer insights into your competitors’ strategies, highlighting what they’re doing right and where you can improve, developing a more competitive SEO strategy.

Elevate Your Website’s Visibility

We’re all about seeing your business reach all-time highs. The proof is in the pudding – you only have to read our client testimonials to know our results are tangible. By performing SEO Auditing on your site, we can assist you in achieving rapid growth, exceeding your expectations and building a long-standing relationship formed on your success. After all, in SEO, results speak louder than keywords.

Don’t rely on an automated or online audit – these can miss out on fundamental issues harming your site’s performance. Our combined expertise is essential in identifying real solutions impacting your bottom line.

With our bespoke SEO Site Auditing service, expert insights and unwavering commitment to your ROI and growth, we’re ready and waiting to guide your business to new heights. Let’s work together and turn your site into the greatest-ever version of itself. Contact us today to learn more and begin your journey to digital excellence.


Talk to an SEO specialist today on 0161 660 3281 to arrange your site audit.

SEO Audit Knowledge Panel

What is an SEO Audit?

As part of a site audit, an SEO Audit Expert will comb your entire website to identify the issues affecting organic visibility on search engines, considering numerous factors, including on-page, off-page, content and technical elements.

What are the benefits of an SEO Audit?

The primary benefit of an SEO Audit is that it will discover issues harming your site’s performance in organic search results. With this knowledge, you can better understand your site’s strengths and weaknesses, determining areas to improve to positively influence your future SEO performance.

How often should you have an SEO Audit?

We recommend a thorough SEO Audit at least once a year. Google algorithm changes regularly, and annual audits will allow you to keep up with these changes. If your website is on the larger side, you might consider two to four audits annually, as new content will need reviewing regularly.

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