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Search engine optimisation should be judged solely on how much new business & revenue is generated by non-brand organic visitors reaching a website.

Many Agencies can baffle clients with what they see as signs of a successful SEO campaign with talk of 1st & last click attribution, bounce rates, sessions & impressions, but as any smart business will know – the only metric to judge marketing activity on is ROI.

Cure Digital provide a professional level of strategic SEO focussed on new business generation, all backed up by best of breed pro-active customer service.

Whether your business is new and you are ready to invest in order to grow, or if you already rely on agency support to improve search recognition, then importantly, you must be able to evaluate levels of income generated from non-brand organic search visitors to your website. Significant strides towards achieving objectives can be made by securing wide-ranging organic search exposure in Google for the exact terms and phrases used by your customers and prospects at all stages of the buying cycle.

The quest for vanity rankings has its place, but ultimately, for business, great SEO boils down to investment, activity & return. Cause and effect.

Companies often chase the most competitive search terms in their markets, resulting in much expense with little gain to show.  A result that should make little sense to most businesses.

The search landscape is evolving, but the formula for success in Google and its siblings still revolves around relevancy, trust & authority.

Variations on this theme, exist only in the fine detail surrounding what’s acceptable to Google; how and why products and services are searched for, and what is the user’s device of choice.

The advent of voice search makes sentiment and language used in your content more important than ever. Cure Digital, naturally remain at the forefront of all things ‘Search’. Here our voice

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Voice Search Optimisation


Voice Search is set to beat forecasts by claiming 50%+of the entire organic search landscape by 2020 (with 30% of searches projected to be ‘screen-less’).

Business must ready web content for the new age. Early Adopters will secure the strongest positions in future times.

Cure Digital create strategically crafted search-friendly content based on (morphological & lexical analysis and contextual reasoning) what works for your customers and for Google’s Rank Brain. Our clients can concentrate on their business and its growth, safe in the knowledge that their online profile is improving all the time with easy ways to understand the ROI we deliver.


We feel the frustration of businesses, with agencies electing to hide behind smoke & mirrors. Many have experienced poor service and poor results when it comes to SEO services. Broken promises, missed targets and unclear results.

SEO results can be made clear with the right systems in place. Revenue generation derived from non-brand organic search visitors can be understood. We implement transparent marketing attribution solutions that empower the clients we work with.






Our passion pushes us to remain at the forefront of evolving SEO techniques. We keep our clients ahead of the game. We know how to get your site to rank for the biggest search terms in your market, but we understand the breadth of terms your site must appeal to.

We seek only to show a positive ROI as quickly as possible, to show continuous improvement in the results we deliver and to build longstanding relationships with those we work with.

We employ market-leading software, strategies & solutions. Our SEO campaigns combine the strongest technical & structural SEO principles, with lashings of fantastic content. SEO made easy with the right tonic Understanding what SEO is doing for your business can also be easy with the right tools and remedies.

Cure Digital work with your business to devise & craft commercially minded digital marketing solutions that will better your business

We Listen, We understand, We work hard, We believe in customer service excellence. We love digital. We make things better. Let's get started...


“The Cure Digital team certainly know their areas of specialism. Their digital/social media awareness and knowledge of the legal sector was what stood them head and shoulders above their competitors.”

“It’s become apparent that their industry specific knowledge and technical expertise are second to none, but they are able to communicate those complexities in a way that makes sense to us.”

“Cure Digital’s work to improve our SEO has made a huge difference to our online presence, enquiries and most importantly cases generated..”

“It’s refreshing to meet people who clearly have an in-depth technical knowledge of SEO and social media but don’t talk jargon. Their advice was easy to understand and integral to maximising online revenue and achieving our business objectives.”