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Bringing a web development project to a successful, timely conclusion requires effective project management.

Website Development Project Management Service

Whether you are embarking on a new site build, a website redesign or a migration, website project management is the practice of breaking the process down into tasks to keep things moving along smoothly, while minimising the possibility of errors, delays, and unhappy clients.

Our website project management services are beneficial for any business having a website built by a 3rd party.

Many of our digital marketing clients turn to us whenever they need development work done, knowing that time and money can be saved in the long run by drawing on our knowledge and expertise.

Website projects can be extremely time consuming, so it can be useful to outsource some of the responsibility while you get on with running your business.

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The first phase of any website project is to define exactly what the client wants. This is done through a series of phone calls and a detailed questionnaire to capture the key information that describes your business, your market, your needs and your opportunities.

We ask question like:

  • What are your business objectives over the next two years?
  • Can the market be segmented into logical customer groupings?
  • What are the key industry trends that can fuel your online success?
  • What industry trends can inhibit your success?
  • What are the primary actions you want your different types of customers to make on the website?

The information gleaned during this early research helps to inform the full project scoping document and ensures the project meets the needs and expectations of the client.


Website Project Management Cured


Working with clients to create websites that represent true digital projections of each client’s business-self. Leading the discovery phase, identifying solutions to achieve commercial goals, and creating the brief. 


We scope the exact specification of your website’s form and function in detail. Shaped by your goals, USPs, competitors, market analysis, and the needs of your customers. Bringing projects to life on-spec, in-time and within budget. 


Firstly, Initial designs and then later functionality and back-end administration, website architecture and SEO attributes are meticulously cross-checked against the specification as part of our pro-active project management.


No website is ever the finished article. Trends emerge, behaviours change, markets develop. Ongoing digital consultancy services ensure your website evolves ahead of your market. Continuous improvement is the goal. 

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The project specification document is a formal document used to describe in detail a web project’s intended functionalities, features and interactions with users.

It requires formal approval by the client before the project can proceed to the next phase.

This document is a continual reference point for the project stakeholders who may include the client, project manager, designer and the development team.

Any additional functionality requests or design amends (following design approval) not included in the final approved version of this project specification document will be subject to a change control process, which is designed to avoid ‘scope creep’ and maintain the integrity of the project timeline.

With a careful eye on the future performance of your website, we plan the correct website architecture for success in the search engines. Most website developers are experts in what they do, but have little knowledge of what is required for SEO.

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The design brief includes guidance for the designer with regards to colour palette, logo, font, design values, imagery, project objectives and personal preferences.

On larger projects, it may be a formal document drawn up in addition to the project specifications document, but on smaller projects similar information may be gathered through a series of conversations or emails.

Either way, the purpose of a design brief is to provide sufficient insight to enable the team to create visuals that are aligned with the client’s expectations and fulfil the requirements set out in the specifications document.

Designers will use the brief to create static image mockups of key page templates, starting with the homepage, using software such as Adobe XD, InVision or similar design and prototyping software.

Mockups are a highly valuable part of the process. They are, essentially, pixel perfect representations of the layout, colour schemes, navigation, fonts and icons that offer an excellent demonstration of the overall look, feel and user experience of the website or app.

Now is the perfect opportunity to see how all of the decisions so far will come together, and it’s easy to make revisions at this stage.

It can also be useful at this stage to run some usability tests to evaluate the designs with a real audience. This can be particularly useful when there are multiple stakeholders with differing subjective opinions.

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With a clear technical specifications document and approved designs in hand, it is time to start building the website.

At Cure Digital we have project managed the design and build of all kinds of websites from recruitment platforms with complex functionality, and vast law firm websites with hundreds of services, to e-commerce websites with thousands of products and we are experienced with all the major platforms including WordPress, Magento, Concrete5, Laravel, Shopify, Prestashop and many more.

We make sure your website is properly structured, search friendly, mobile friendly, and fit for purpose with all the fundamentals in place for optimal performance in the search engines when it launches. After all, creating the website is just the first step. Once it is live, our best in class search engine optimisation services will help you drive targeted traffic to the site and drive business growth.

We carry out rigorous testing procedures and follow up with the developers to make sure any snags are resolved.

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One of the most common causes for delays in a website development project is the content. This is particularly true for a new website, but is often the case with a redesign too as this is the opportunity to change, expand and add pages to better serve the needs of your customers.

With our fully managed content creation services we research, plan and generate well optimised content that will help your business succeed online. We have been creating content for websites across a diverse range of business sectors including financial services, the legal sector, construction, food and beverages, hospitality and fashion.

Our team of creative content writers produce unique, technically accurate content, in line with your tone of voice and brand persona, in a cost effective and timely manner that will help your new website make an impact online as soon as it goes online, and will pay dividends forever.

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There are many advantages to having an independent project manager for a website design and development project.

Unless you are experienced in this area, it can be difficult to handle the technical side of some of the conversations you will need to have with the developers. We know how things work, what is and isn’t possible, how long things should take, and what things should cost.

We can often find creative solutions to technical challenges, and help you prioritise decisions that will actually make an impact on your business.


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