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Pay Per Click channels offer a direct and immediate means of paying search engines to help generate new business and revenue for your company.

We are a qualified, and specialist Paid Search & Search Engine Marketing Agency in Stockport & Manchester, and we’re Google Ads accredited to boot.

Our PPC experts understand the importance of making sure every pound of your marketing budget works as hard as possible to generate positive cash flow and profit back into the business. This is essential, as Google Ads has become somewhat of an expert at spending other people’s money.

We’re fully versed in Google Ads and Bing Ads platforms as well as attribution modelling and the full range and suitability of automated bid strategies, but we offer much more.

Our unique closed-loop marketing attribution solutions coupled with our PPC expertise allow us to optimise paid search campaigns for revenue generation, for lead-gen and professional services businesses, so you appreciate ROI in the way an e-com business can.

We’ll work closely and carefully with you to develop a detailed understanding of your product, your market & the needs of your customers before devising our PPC strategy designed to deliver on your commercial goals.

No matter the size of your brand, company, or organisation, paid advertising in search engine results pages offers you the chance to appear prominently in places where your audience is actively looking for the exact services or products that you provide.

Let’s change your business for the better.

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“1st Time Adwords attempt for our business. Covid changed our needs & business. Cure put together a very effective "campaign" resulting in a 300% increase in sales on our website. Good result and will be looking to develop more Campaigns”

Peter ThompsonMident Dental Supplies


We manage a wide range of paid search campaigns across multiple industry sectors, from retail to law firms to recruiters, from large multi-national organisations to SMEs.


PPC (pay-per-click) is search engine marketing, so as you might expect, relevancy is crucial to every fact of a successful paid search campaign, from the structure of the campaign and its ad groups, right through to the relevancy of keywords and the pages we land visitors on.

We apply best practices and our many years of experience to build campaigns in the right way and from the ground up. This ensures your money is spent wisely and produces the goods.

Our PPC specialists will create a top-performing PPC campaign, and furthermore. you’ll get a superior and pro-active style of client service with it, guaranteeing:

  • Effective use of budgets
  • Strong quality scores across your Ad groups.
  • Smart, intelligent, and well thought out Ad copy
  • Meaningful keyword research
  • Best in class landing page optimisation
  • Continuous improvement to CPS & CPL
  • Ideas for campaign enhancement and evolution (and plenty of them…)

Whether you’re already running an existing PPC campaign and are looking to improve its performance, or you’re considering a brand new campaign, at Cure Digital, we will make PPC advertising work for your business across the best of what Google and Bing have to offer.

Talk to one of our team today to see how we can make your Paid search marketing better.

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Paid Search Marketing Cured

Our proven PPC methodology focusses on driving down the cost of generating the highest levels of revenue. We’ll deliver the best returns through our combined approach to Search, Display, Remarketing, Gmail & YouTube Ads.


Let’s understand you, your business, your market, what your customers want, their questions, needs, and desires. Identifying your value proposition is crucial. We audit the marketplace, the competition and get to grips with customer life-cycle. Planning each PPC campaign is approached with a steadfast commercial focus.


We place a huge emphasis on structuring the campaign in the right way for relevancy. Keyword research flows from our market analysis, we map out the campaigns, ad groups, and keywords granularly, so we can determine the best structure to eke out every drop of value from your allocated budget.


We create compelling & influential Ad copy and visual banners to best articulate your value proposition, providing the assets for all mediums of your campaign. Attracting the audience through your Ads, requires creativity, commercial acumen, and great experience – all inherent to our team.


Campaigns are crafted to drive results, but we learn from the data too. Campaign targeting evolves around audiences, devices, and location, while bid strategies adapt to beat commercial goals. We engage at all stages of the sales funnel and remarket to drive repeat business from returning visitors.


CRO is a mainstay of our approach. Using a variety of techniques to understand user behaviour, we act on what we learn with improvements to landing pages. We A/B test, analyse, tweak, redesign, and analyse again, pushing conversion rates higher. Never settling, when things can be better.


Our goal is to make your PPC budget be as profitable as possible. We continually assess the best and worst-performing parts of your campaign. We cut waste and re-purpose saved budget to drive better returns. Data-driven decisions will take maximise ROI from your campaign.

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Strong PPC campaign performance should drive a satisfactory positive return on campaign spend. Satisfactory to you the client that is! What that return should be, is a question with many moving parts…

Ultimately, your business will operate on a certain profit margin, we’ll work closely with you to understand what ROI is required at the outset of the campaign and to understand what you are prepared to pay for a sale or lead?

Strong PPC performance should show:

  • Top page impressions
  • A stronger conversion rate than organic search
  • A high click-through rate
  • Continual improvement to cost per acquisition of sales (CPA) or cost per lead’s (CPL)
  • Few parts of the campaign (Keywords & Ad Groups) showing month by month spend with little return.
  • Strong quality scores 7/10 or above.
  • Device/audience bid adjustments should be in play
  • Bounce rates should be low
  • Positive ROI

Transparency on ROI is expected for e-commerce businesses, but it’s critical for any business to know their marketing works. Our closed-loop attribution solutions are a real differentiator for our clients.

We can feedback revenue from 3rd party systems into Google Analytics and Google Ads, so we optimise for revenue generation, while others base decisions on leads only.

Clients of Cure Digital can expect all of the above and more. Let’s talk about making your business better with paid search. 0161 660 3281.



What is PPC advertising?

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a model of online marketing, where advertisers buy targeted visits to a website. A fee is charged by the search engine every time an ad is clicked. Sometimes PPC is referred to as search engine marketing or paid search marketing.

How effective is PPC marketing?

Google generated over $100 billion from search advertising in 2020. It’s safe to say that some of the world’s biggest and smartest companies use PPC as an effective advertising medium.  PPC is a very effective form of digital marketing. Advertisers only pay for clicks they get, it provides immediate targeted visitors and drives sales and leads. Advertisers also have full control of budgets and campaigns are not subject to algorithmic changes

What does a PPC specialist do?

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We don’t like to brag, but we’re changing the game.

“I have known Chris for many years and I can highly recommend him and his team - diligent, professional and approachable.”

Paul RossiterPSR Solicitors

“Cure Digital put together a very effective "campaign" resulting in a 300% increase in sales on our website. Good result and will be looking to develop more campaigns in the future.”

Peter ThompsonMident Dental Supplies

“Outstanding service. Chris and his team know what they are doing; our website is performing better than ever and he has his eye on the ball.”

Amanda JonesLanyon Bowdler

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