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Paid Search (PPC) marketing

Paid Search & Paid Social Cured

Paid Digital Media Agency Manchester & Stockport


Pay Per Click channels offer a direct means of allocating marketing budget directly into online advertising to generate revenue for your company.

Where once PPC channels could only be found through search engines, now paid digital channels exist through the plethora of native & social platforms.

Cure Digital understand the importance of making sure every pound of your marketing spend works as hard as possible to generate positive cash flow and profit back into the business. We’ll work closely and carefully with you to develop a detailed understanding of your product, market & customers before devising our strategies designed to deliver.

Cutting edge analytical & customer identification solutions allow us to understand more than most. The foundation of data analytics & customer insights ensures we build evermore effective paid search & social campaigns, targeting the right people with the right message at the right time.

Paid Digital Media has evolved dramatically in recent times and while some platforms have become super-expensive, others represent real value and provide huge scope for incredible CPL & CPA.

Your budget could already be delivering much more by focussing its reach more effectively. We will quickly make the right choices.

Paid Social Advertising

Paid Social promotion through the likes of Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, provide cost-effective ways of promoting your business, product or service, for B2B & B2C 1 in every 5 minutes spent online occurs within a social media environment.

With 90% of all social impressions taking shape on mobile devices. As Paid Social experts we quickly identify the right channels for your business

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Paid Digital Cured

Our remedies combine the most effective social channels based on your target audience and their demographics. We then create multi-channel, cross-device campaigns that drive business through the funnel

Data Centric:
1st & 3rd
Party data lists


Tech Generated:
Custom audiences
& Lookalike campaigns

Paid Digital Expertise

We manage a vast a range of paid campaigns across multiple industry sectors, from retailers to law firms to recruiters.

Our ‘Closed-Loop Digital Marketing Solutions mean we work with you to establish a clear system for understanding exact income levels generated by enquiries that turn in to real business.

Our solutions work for business of all sizes. We can integrate our systems directly with CRM’s and case-management systems. We can also establish simplified solutions for smaller SMEs. Talk to one of our team today to see how we can make your Paid Digital Media Advertising better.

Cure Digital work with your business to devise & craft commercially minded digital marketing solutions that will better your business

We Listen, We understand, We work hard, We believe in customer service excellence. We love digital. We make things better. Let's get started...


“The Cure Digital team certainly know their areas of specialism. Their digital/social media awareness and knowledge of the legal sector was what stood them head and shoulders above their competitors.”

“It’s become apparent that their industry specific knowledge and technical expertise are second to none, but they are able to communicate those complexities in a way that makes sense to us.”

“Cure Digital’s work to improve our SEO has made a huge difference to our online presence, enquiries and most importantly cases generated..”

“It’s refreshing to meet people who clearly have an in-depth technical knowledge of SEO and social media but don’t talk jargon. Their advice was easy to understand and integral to maximising online revenue and achieving our business objectives.”