Any business not strategically considering its online approach to acquiring or retaining customers is losing out.


This statement is a modern truth at the best of times, but of even more importance, given the times we find ourselves in. The web today offers a host of ways to connect with new and existing customers.

People are spending more time online now more than ever before when looking for information, answers, products, and services. Search engines, Social media, Mobile apps have all become integral to the way consumers find and engage with businesses, and in the way they consume content.


This is why it’s so important to make sure your message can be seen and heard. So how do you ensure your business is found?

And, more importantly, how does your business attract the very people who are looking for the services you offer?

The ‘5 Must Have’s of digital marketing’ are crucial to the success of your efforts.

Let’s look at the 5 key points in more detail.


Think of search engine results pages as the high street, your website is your shop-front. In order to entice people to come in and buy, it needs to promote your products and services in a positive and influential way.

It should convey the right tone for your brand and for your target audience. Content should answer the kinds of questions visitors and prospects usually need to ask before they feel comfortable to buy or choose you.

Website designs should be modern and engaging. Just as the best traditional retailers strive to create ‘theatre’ and unique shopping experiences for their customers, so too must your site be the perfect digital representation of your business-self, creating a habitat that nurtures your audience and works for their needs.

Regardless of device, your site should tell your story and set out what you offer in a user-friendly, influential way that nourishes positive decision making, allowing conversions to flourish.

All said and done, I’m continually bemused by the established businesses opting for the cheap templated site, is this not like saying:

“We don’t care too much about the environment we’re creating for our customers”

“We are just like our competitors. No discerning features or USP’s to be had here, please try the shop next door”

Of course, all business has to start somewhere, and for businesses starting out or in their infancy, there is not always an unlimited pot of cash to fund an expensive website, but as a business evolves so too should a commitment to its digital-self.

If you are planning a new website make sure it’s developed with all facets and features your customers need, make sure the designs are bespoke and plan the functional feature-set and needs of different page templates meticulously.

Scoping and project management are key to getting a website build right. I’ve seen agencies take 4 years to build a site, leaving clients pulling their hair out with unquantifiable losses incurred to their business. The more detailed the scoping of a new website the better. A detailed scope is also likely to mean that the costs you are offered at the outset turn out to be accurate, as will the timescale suggested for its development.

Yes, pushing the boat out on new website build is going to cost more than the cheap, templated options offered in the marketplace, but a higher- investment in your new platform, is likely to pay a handsome dividend in the coming years by producing higher conversion rates and more business


You need to blow your own trumpet and tell people exactly why you are great at what you do.

Prospects need to be given good reason to choose you.

Adopting a multi-channel digital marketing strategy is often best, but does not need to be the start point. Marketing is about generating a return, so if you’re new to digital marketing, or you have limited budgets with which to get things moving, concentrate on one channel first. Get one digital marketing channel working to awesome levels of effectiveness and then evolve into other areas.

Making your first digital marketing channel effective, provides the space for evolving into other areas. The effective channel will drive revenue, thus creating profit, thus allowing for further exploratory marketing campaigns across new channels.

Paid Advertising can be Paid Search ( Pay per Click / PPC) trough the likes of Google or Bing, or Paid Social marketing through the likes of Facebook or LinkedIn. Paid Digital Advertising can give you immediate exposure to your target audience. It’s also very quick to understand whether it is a success or not for your business.

Don’t let agencies tell you a marketing campaign is working when you feel it is not. You must know it is a success without ambiguity.

Facebook marketing allows you to be very specific regarding the type of people; their characteristics or interests to which you can target your advertising.

Email marketing is highly effective if you have a database of customers (current, past or prospective). It can be used to prompt those who may have dropped out of the buying process before purchasing, re-engage with old customers, or to offer special discounts to current clients.

Brand awareness and exposure are built using digital strategies involving an array of online communications: SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Paid Digital Media, Content Marketing, Blogging, PR and Social Engagement.

But like all good investment portfolios, all things have to start somewhere with the first transaction. so concentrate on getting one channel working well and be in a position to know this through and through.


Most Digital Marketing can only (and should only) be judged on return on investment.

You need to know which marketing activities work best and where your revenue is coming from.

It’s crucial to understand conversion rates (the rate at which visitors to your website turn in to customers). For e-commerce businesses, this is easy, for a professional service business, like a law firm, you need to know (and track) which enquiries turn into real customers and thus earn fees.

Once you understand where your business is coming from, you have the tools needed to improve performance, not least because you will also understand what is not working. Without this understanding everything else is guesswork.

When was the last time you looked under the hood of your own business?

Google Analytics is free! Hoorah! A sophisticated website visitor and engagement analysis platform, able to provide incredible insight into the performance of your website.

There are guaranteed new business opportunities waiting to be unearthed in the data contained within your Google Analytics stats.

Even so, there is only so much that GA can tell you about your business and where your revenue is coming from. for example, if much of your business converts over the phone, then what’s making the phone ring? and which landing page on your site is best at generating calls from prospects that turn into business at the strongest rate?

Tools exist that can close the loop between your sales and marketing. You do not even require the services of a Digital Marketing Agency to put this solution in place, but as with all things. there’s a reason people pay for expertise, and we do it well!

Too many businesses lose sight of the fundamental need to understand where their revenue is coming from, what drives the income?

Think of digital marketing like you would any investment… if I spend this, what do I get back?

Attribution & Insights

The 21st century is the age of data. Every time there is an online interaction between businesses and customers, a digital footprint is produced.

The real insight comes when you can identify whether the footprint was left by a prospect or an existing customer, and also when you can discern their intention from their footprint.

The more insight that can be taken from the data surrounding your business, the more effectively, you can engage with the customers or prospects creating the data.

We still find it amazing that so many businesses fail to implement basic steps to allow them to harness this invaluable information. How many of you still do not have the Facebook pixel installed on your site?

The more you know about your customers and prospects the easier it is to sell to them as your marketing can be tailored so it is more relevant and specific, something they will want to look at.

When you can identify, analyse and understand your data, you can engage with people and turn them into lifelong customers.

A final word

We help businesses succeed online. Cure Digital offers closed-loop digital marketing solutions allowing our clients to understand ROI clearly. Our clients also benefit from an honest commitment to awesome client care and good honest hard graft

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