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Content Marketing

But not as you know it.

Your time is precious so we fully manage your content marketing solution

Managed Content Marketing Services Manchester


Content marketing is a method of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a target audience.

By now, we’re sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘Content is King’…  but your time is also precious, and businesses find it difficult to take the time to produce compelling content of the right type, format or quality.

Content marketing is capable of delivering great benefits to business, but it is tough to get it right and take time. Even when outsourcing content creation, your outreach process can still take significant time and process and even the best content can fall flat if the outreach process fails.

Cure Digital’s experience and belief in content marketing, combined with our mechanics of dove-tailing content campaigns and format seamlessly with social activity means we help our clients deliver real revenue benefits from content Whatever the business objective, our fully managed content marketing solution can propel the promotion of your business or message.

Cured Content Marketing will...

Guide your Business
& Develop your Strategy

Determines Content
Topics & Formats

Recruits, Briefs & Manages
Writers & Designers

Publishes, Schedules
& Plans Media Placement

Track Engagements
& Attributes ROI

Full Service Digital Content Creation

It is hugely important the right types of content are created. The subject matter must be of interest to the target market, while bloggers and influencers must be happy to publish and promote your content.

Our experience of working with disrupters, bloggers, influencers and with native platforms, and with our network’s skill-set, we provide comprehensive management and support around the entire content process. We build the creative, the content, the outreach and the promotion.


Variety is the key in any Content Marketing campaign. It is no longer enough to focus efforts just on text-based content such as articles, case studies, blog posts. As markets and customer become more savvy and selective become, it’s increasingly important for your content to stand out from the crowd.

Our strategies focus on creating content that appeals to the target market; Providing insight, opinion & entertainment, or we create content that challenges the status-quo. Getting good content placed, seen and shared, in all the right places, is hugely important and so having a team with Cure Digital’s capabilities in your corner is vital to your campaign.

We can make the whole process hassle-free for you, leaving you to get on with running your business.

Cure Digital work with your business to devise & craft commercially minded digital marketing solutions that will better your business

We Listen, We understand, We work hard, We believe in customer service excellence. We love digital. We make things better. Let's get started...


“The Cure Digital team certainly know their areas of specialism. Their digital/social media awareness and knowledge of the legal sector was what stood them head and shoulders above their competitors.”

“It’s become apparent that their industry specific knowledge and technical expertise are second to none, but they are able to communicate those complexities in a way that makes sense to us.”

“Cure Digital’s work to improve our SEO has made a huge difference to our online presence, enquiries and most importantly cases generated..”

“It’s refreshing to meet people who clearly have an in-depth technical knowledge of SEO and social media but don’t talk jargon. Their advice was easy to understand and integral to maximising online revenue and achieving our business objectives.”