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SEO for Law Firms

How to Get More Traffic to Your Law Firm’s Website. If you are wondering how to get a steady stream of new, well-qualified visitors to your website, you are not alone. Many law firms struggle to achieve what they hope for from their website. The truth is, most law firms don’t actually know for sure…

Apple’s Data Protection Settings Spell Trouble for Digital Media Campaigns

Apple’s new data protection settings could be a disaster for targeted digital media campaigns. In the latest of a series of developments in this area, Apple has dealt a significant blow to digital marketers seeking to track and exploit demographic and behavioural data for online advertising campaigns. Under iOS 14, users will be prompted to…

Five Pillars of Digital Marketing Success

Digital Marketing Must Have’s… Any business not strategically considering its online approach to acquiring or retaining customers is losing out. This statement is a modern truth at the best of times, but of even more importance, given the times we find ourselves in. The web today offers a host of ways to connect with new…

Small Data – The big opportunity for small businesses

Small Data Opportunities for Small Business There is much ado about ‘Big-Data’ at present and how it is set to transform and revolutionise business. But does data need to be big to be good? For many businesses this whole area can seem a little daunting; futuristic perhaps and fraught with security worries (never-mind the expense),…


“The Cure Digital team certainly know their areas of specialism. Their digital/social media awareness and knowledge of the legal sector was what stood them head and shoulders above their competitors.”

“It’s become apparent that their industry specific knowledge and technical expertise are second to none, but they are able to communicate those complexities in a way that makes sense to us.”

“Cure Digital’s work to improve our SEO has made a huge difference to our online presence, enquiries and most importantly cases generated..”

“It’s refreshing to meet people who clearly have an in-depth technical knowledge of SEO and social media but don’t talk jargon. Their advice was easy to understand and integral to maximising online revenue and achieving our business objectives.”