Notification of Fraudulent Activity


Scam Alert Warning

WhatsApp Scam

Fraudsters are passing themselves off as Cure Digital LTD

Please be aware that fraudsters are impersonating Cure Digital LTD on WhatsApp & various websites with malicious intent.

Using Cure Digital Logo & Registered Office Number

The scammers are passing themselves off as Cure Digital Ltd, using our logo, address, and registered office number details. They have also been directing victims to visit the following websites that we are aware of:




We have no affiliation with these websites.

Cure Digital LTD, do not and will not, ever contact our customers/prospects via WhatsApp. This is not a communications platform that we use.  Cure Digital LTD do not accept any responsibility to victims. Cure Digital LTD are unable to help with the recovery of any funds lost.

If you are contacted via WhatsApp by anyone pretending to work for Cure Digital LTD, you are advised not to respond, and to block the contact immediately and report to WhatsApp.

Reporting the Scam

We have reported this matter/scam to Action Fraud under the following Crime Number: NFRC 2311 0627 091.

Please report any loss though the Action Fraud website:

The frauduelent websites have also been reported to Trading Standards via Citizens Advice Bureau, and have been reported to Google & Microsoft.

We have also approached the website hosting company and the domain registrars to report the fraudulent operation.

The Scam

The scam seems to start with contact via WhatsApp regarding a ‘work from home’ job opportunity. The type of work is data entry for product reviews. This Job opportunity presents itself as a means of earning a basic income and additional commission. Once a victim has undertaken work and built up a balance (wages/income owed), they are asked to make a bank transfer to unlock the income they have supposedly earned.