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Law Firm Web Site Project Management Services

Developing a new website, or completely revamping an existing one is an exciting yet challenging undertaking for any firm.

With multiple stakeholders, design & brand values, technical considerations, and third party suppliers to manage, it’s crucial to have an experienced project management oversight to drive things forward and to ensure success.  At Cure Digital, website development project management is one of our core offerings.

We offer independent project management with strategic SEO oversight. This ensures the website projects we organise, meet expectations set regarding form, function and commercial objectives.

We do not design and build websites. Our sole objective is to ensure you get a website that will perform as a powerful new business genertion engine,  with the required functionality you and your customer need, while beautifully expressing your brand values. We ensure web design agencies do not dilute, or cut corners resulting in web solutions that work for them, but not your firm.

For over 15 years, we have provided structured guidance and unmatched technical SEO expertise to steer clients through complex web projects. We work closely with you from start to finish, aligning all stakeholders, creating comprehensive briefs, providing hosting and CMS recommendations, and overseeing third parties.

Our team can handle every detail and consideration so you can concentrate on running your organisation. We identify risks early, create contingency plans, and ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget, and above all else – achieve your business goals.

Our structured approach coupled with deep technical knowledge covers all the bases to deliver a successful project that meets your unique requirements. Get in touch today to discuss your website plans in more detail. We offer reassurance and peace of mind.


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What is Website Project Management?

Website project management involves overseeing and coordinating all aspects of developing a new website or redesigning an existing one.

Developing a new website or completely revamping an existing can be fraught with challenges. Aligning internal stakeholders on goals and vision is often the first hurdle. Marketing may have different priorities than compliance or legal teams.

There may be budget limitations and pressure to balance business objectives with technical must-haves. Choosing the right CMS, hosting infrastructure, security elements, and performance optimizations are crucial but complex factors.

The process involves coordinating many different third parties – designers for look and feel, developers to build on your CMS, copywriters to optimise page content, photographers and videographers for assets. All these players need aligning and managing.

The project manager aligns stakeholders, creates detailed briefs and technical specifications, chooses suitable third party partners, manages budgets and timelines, oversees design and development, conducts testing, handles launch logistics, and reports on results.

Our experience and structured approach ensures complex web projects are delivered on time, within budget, and achieve the business goals. As project manager Cure Digital handles all the details so you can concentrate on core operations.



Measurable results are the name of the game.

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“I have worked with several digital marketing agencies and Cure Digital is by far the best.”

Philip WalshPartner, Clifford Johnston & Co

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What is important in Website Project Management for Law Firms?

With so many moving parts, it’s easy for miscommunication to occur resulting in scope creep, budget overruns and missed launch deadlines.

Technical problems during development or when migrating to a new domain can also jeopardize the success of your new online presence.

If your previous website is achieving strong search engine recognition then a whole host of technical SEO checks and balances must also be carefully considered.

Having an experienced website project manager to quarterback the entire initiative brings order and cohesion to the chaos. Our technical knowledge coupled with a structured approach ensures all these complexities are covered.

We pay attention to details so you can focus on your core business.


SEO Efficiency

SEO is often considered the backbone of a successful online presence. But what sets Cure Digital apart in ensuring SEO friendliness is our holistic approach, backed by years of industry experience. Rather than treating SEO for law firms as an afterthought or a box to tick, we integrate it into the core of your website’s development strategy. From the very first planning meeting, we align your firm’s business objectives with specific SEO goals. This enables us to create a content marketing strategy for your law firm that doesn’t just attract traffic, but the right kind of traffic: users who are genuinely interested in your legal services. We then continuously monitor your site’s performance and make data-backed recommendations for continual improvement. The result is a website that not only stands the test of time but also adapts and thrives in an evolving digital ecosystem.

Brand Cohesion

Your website is often the first touchpoint potential clients have with your firm. Therefore, ensuring a cohesive brand experience is paramount. From the choice of colour schemes to the style of messaging, every element must resonate with your brand’s ethos and identity. This goes beyond the visual elements; the tone of voice in your content, the intuitiveness of the site navigation, and even the calls-to-action all contribute to creating a seamless brand experience. Proper website project management allows for this level of brand cohesion, helping to build credibility and trust from the first interaction a visitor has with your site.

User Friendly Admin

The ability of a website to provide a user-friendly admin envrionment for your internal team is a cricual, yet often ignored, consideration. Just as the website should perform well for website visitors, changing images, uploading videos or new content, removing and adding new lawyer profiles, and creating new pages should be made as straightforward as possible.  Where these issues get careful consideration in the scoping process,  the results can include less time needed by admins to make changes, and also cost-savings by automating parts of the SEO process.

Logic-based automation can make a real impact; saving your team time, and propagating website content automatically with advanced layers of optimisation.

Marketing Attribution

Ensuring you can fully evaluate your website marketing activity is critical to using marketing budgets effectively.  The online market offers firms the potential to understand where all web-based new business is being generared. Yet most law firms are still only tracking enquiry form submissions.

Our team have direct experience in working with the market leading data analytics platforms. We can advise your firm on the best fit, and ensure integrations with case management and practice management systems provide the business intelligenec you need.

Our closed-loop attribution solutions allow us to optimise law firm digital marketing campaigns for revenue generation, not just enquiry form completion.

Regulatory Compliance

In the UK legal sector, compliance isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a mandatory practice. Your website must adhere to guidelines set by organisations like the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and the Law Society. Effective project management ensures that your website ticks all the compliance boxes.

What is the process of Website Project Management for a Law Firm?


While we have strong affiliations with specialist web agencies for the development aspects, our key role is to ensure that the website project aligns with SEO efficiency and your law firm’s branding guidelines. Below, we delve into the essential elements in greater detail.

Scoping the Project

Right from the outset, it’s critical to define what the project aims to achieve. This involves collaborative discussions with stakeholders to outline the objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs). For instance, are you looking to increase client queries through the website, or is your goal to build brand awareness? The outcomes of these discussions set the course for every subsequent step in the project.

Additionally, the project’s scope includes setting specific timelines and milestones. The importance of this phase cannot be overstated. A well-defined scope ensures that all parties involved have a clear understanding of what’s expected, how to achieve it, and by when.

Collaborating with Specialist Web Agencies

We work in tandem with specialist web agencies to create a cohesive project strategy. Our role in this collaborative process is to act as consultants who ensure that your website meets the highest standards for compliance, SEO, and branding.

We serve as the conduit between your law firm’s needs and the technical expertise of the web agency, aligning the goals of both. For instance, while a web agency may focus on elements like site speed and design, we will ensure that these aspects also serve SEO, marketing, and branding purposes.

Compliance Checklist

In a regulated industry like law, a compliance checklist is indispensable. Your website needs to be in line with data protection laws like GDPR and meet the standards set by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and the Law Society. This involves conducting an exhaustive review of all client-facing features such as contact forms, data storage, and content disclaimers.

The focus is not just on ticking boxes but on creating a user experience that’s both secure and transparent, thereby fostering trust between your law firm and your clients.

SEO Implementation

Ensuring a website is optimised for search engines involves more than just keyword stuffing or having an appealing meta description. At Cure Digital, we approach SEO as a strategic element embedded within the site’s very framework. Our services span from comprehensive keyword research to crafting optimised meta descriptions and URLs, ensuring that your site is not only searchable but discoverable by the right audience.

Checking SEO at Website Launch

The launch of your website is a significant milestone and warrants its own rigorous SEO checks. This includes a comprehensive evaluation of both technical and on-page SEO elements to ensure that your website is well-optimised for search engine visibility from day one.

We look at details such as proper indexing, the submission of XML sitemaps to search engines, mobile-friendliness, and even the finer aspects like proper placement of meta tags and canonical URLs. This exhaustive check is essential for setting your website on the path to long-term SEO success and should not be overlooked.

Ongoing Support

After the excitement of launching your new website settles, the real work begins. The digital landscape is ever-changing, especially when it comes to SEO algorithms and compliance standards. That’s where Cure Digital’s post-launch services come into play.

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And That’s Just The Beginning…


We don’t consider our job done once your website is live; rather, we see it as the beginning of an ongoing relationship.

With your new website in place, and, no doubt, a signifacnt investment made in its creation. The jounrey to improved online returns can begin.

Where we support our legal clients with digital marketing campaigns, our team continuously monitors your website’s performance through advanced analytics tools, providing you with regular updates and actionable insights. We also keep your site optimised for the latest SEO trends, ensuring it consistently ranks well in search engine results.

From periodic content updates to regular SEO audits, our end-to-end services ensure that your website remains compliant, relevant, and effective in achieving your firm’s long-term goals.

Cure Digital ensures that your law firm’s website project is expertly managed from start to finish, promising a digital presence that is compliant, optimised, and unmistakably ‘you’.

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“Outstanding service. Chris and his team know what they are doing; our website is performing better than ever and he has his eye on the ball.”

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Why choose Cure Digital?

With over 15 years of experience in digital marketing for law firms, and managing complex website projects, the Cure Digital team has the expertise and processes to ensure your project’s success.

Our technical knowledge goes beyond the basics so we can make informed recommendations on CMS selection, hosting infrastructure, security, and performance optimisations. We stay on top of best practices so your site follows the latest technical standards.

Since we maintain positive relationships with a diverse range of high quality website development partners, we can assemble the perfect team tailored to your specific project needs.

Our structured approach includes detailed project planning, comprehensive briefs, regular communications, budget and resource management, contingency plans, launch coordination, and post go-live reporting. This ensures objectives are achieved in a well-managed framework.

For a conversation about how we can elevate your website project, get in touch today.


Talk to a law firm website project management specialist today on 0161 660 3281.

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