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Are you a Family Law Firm seeking to enhance your online presence and attract more inquiries?

In today’s digital age, most people when they need to hire a solicitor, they would begin their search by using a search engine. As a Family Law Firm, it is crucial that you make your online presence known. The stakes are high for both your potential clients and your practice.

Family law firms can acquire new clients through digital marketing, which has become crucial due to the growing online presence of potential clients. By utilising digital marketing strategies, firms can improve their visibility, create engaging content, attract prospective clients, and establish long-term business relationships.

At Cure Digital, we understand this. Our team is a powerhouse of legal sector digital marketing experts, including copywriters, technical SEO specialists, designers, developers, search marketing experts, and social media specialists.

We are not just a digital marketing agency, but your strategic partner in navigating the complex digital landscape.


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Why Cure Digital is your Best Bet

When individuals are facing legal issues related to their family, the first place they often turn to is your law firm’s website. They may feel overwhelmed and uncertain about their situation, and they’re seeking a reliable family law solicitor who can provide immediate legal advice and instil a sense of confidence that their case is in good hands.

This is where Cure Digital comes in. We ensure that your law firm is prominently displayed and trusted by those in need of your expertise. We will achieve this by:

  • Building a stronger online presence
  • Generating a clear digital strategy with tangible outcomes
  • Generating more site visitors
  • Generating more new business enquiries
  • Providing a clear ROI
  • Becoming a long term marketing partner that understands your Business

For over 15 years, Cure Digital has successfully increased new business enquiries in the family law sector by collaborating with law firms to create effective digital marketing solutions that enhance their success. We can make a difference.



Measurable results are the name of the game.

“Put simply, Cure Digital have delivered, they have turned the enquiries tap on where others haven’t.”

Neil CormackMarketing Director, Lupton Fawcett LLP

“I have worked with several digital marketing agencies and Cure Digital is by far the best.”

Philip WalshPartner, Clifford Johnston & Co

Here are some of the law firms we've helped succeed online.


Clifford Johnston & Co


Lanyon Bowdler


Lupton Fawcett


PSR Solicitors

How can SEO and Non-brand Organic Traffic help a Family Law Firm?


Search Engine Optimisation refers to the practice of obtaining, maintaining, and enhancing ranking positions in search engine results pages of popular search engines such as Google.

Improving your site’s SEO will result in increased organic traffic and more new business inquiries.

Our team of specialist Law Firm SEO consultants possess the technical knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to improve your business’s SEO.


Non-brand Organic Traffic

Non-brand Organic traffic refers to the act of attracting individuals who are searching online for family law solicitors, but are not already familiar with your law firm. These people become potential clients who require the services your firm offers, even if they are not specifically searching for your firm.

Improving your non-brand organic traffic means you will gain more new clients and it’s often less competitive than targeting brand-specific keywords.

We are highly skilled in optimising services for non-branded organic traffic. We conduct thorough keyword research to identify the largest search volumes, put ourselves in the customer’s shoes to determine user intent, and leverage search engine algorithms to ensure that your firm appears in relevant searches.

A Top 200 Law Firm Records:


Growth in organic traffic


Increase in organic enquiries

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To Generate More Leads From Your Website

A Clear Digital Strategy With Tangible Outcomes.

A Long Term Marketing Partner That Understands Your Business.

A Proactive Collaboration With Outstanding Communication.


We don’t like to brag, but we’re changing the game.

“I have known Chris for many years and I can highly recommend him and his team - diligent, professional and approachable.”

Paul RossierPSR Solicitors

“Cure Digital put together a very effective "campaign" resulting in a 300% increase in sales on our website. Good result and will be looking to develop more campaigns in the future.”

Peter ThompsonMident Dental Supplies

“Outstanding service. Chris and his team know what they are doing; our website is performing better than ever and he has his eye on the ball.”

Amanda JonesLanyon Bowdler

Cure Digital’s Expert Family Law SEO Treatment

Our expertise lies in implementing efficient SEO techniques exclusively for Family Law Firms, with a track record of proven success. Having worked with many Top 200 Law Firms, we have gained valuable insights on generating more leads for your website. We leverage our knowledge and experience to identify the most effective strategies and implement them on your site for optimal results. These strategies include:

Keyword Research

Our strategy involves us focusing on the services you offer and carrying out extensive keyword research for phrases a potential client would use when searching a Family Law Solicitor. It is crucial to examine search volume, relevance and competitiveness, which can also inform your law firm’s content marketing campaign.

This will improve the quality of traffic to your site and increase conversions.

On Page SEO

We will optimise your website with relevant keywords, meta titles, headings, and meta descriptions on each page. Your website structure, navigation, and layout must be user-friendly and optimised for search engines.

This will improve customer journey through your site and increase conversions.

Off Page SEO

We will obtain authoritative backlinks from relevant sources that will improve the authority of your site in the eyes of search engines. To achieve this, we refer to an extensive network of high-authority websites in your niche.

This will increase your domain authority and improve your search rankings.

Local SEO

Our strategy involves optimising your website and online content for local search queries. This includes creating a Google Business Profile for your firm, adding location-specific keywords, and acquiring location citations.

This will boost your local search recognition and lead to more new business enquiries.

PPC Advertising

If you are looking to get into Pay Per Click Advertising or you already have an ongoing campaign, we can assist you with our expertise in PPC platforms such as Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. Our team is always up-to-date with the latest trends and opportunities to make the most of your Law Firm PPC campaign.

We will ensure that we choose the best keywords to bid on to maximise your ROI.

The Cure Digital Approach

When you trust Cure Digital with the task of enhancing your marketing efforts, we will begin with examining your current online presence. Our team will conduct a comprehensive technical audit, which will help us develop a detailed plan to get your law firm to rank higher on Google’s search engine results page. Our suggestions and improvements can cover a range of areas.


Hyper-Targeted Campaigns

Developing a successful marketing campaign requires extensive research and preparation to ensure optimal results. When dealing with Family Law matters, it’s essential to consider the specific areas you focus on the most. Whether you specialise in divorce, domestic violence, or child law, we can create targeted campaigns to reach the clients you want to represent.

We have years of experience working with Family Law firms and our data-driven approach ensures that your marketing budget is spent effectively, maximising your return on investment.


User-Friendly Websites

Your company’s website is the first point of contact when someone is searching for a family law solicitor online. If the potential customer visits the site and finds it outdated and slow to load, they are likely to leave the site and look for another option. On the other hand, if the site is easy to use but lacks helpful information or is difficult to navigate, it will leave a negative impression of your firm.

We can help you by regularly adding content to your website or making any necessary SEO changes to improve page ranking. This could include enhancing the user experience by making it easier for potential customers to navigate, or adding more call-to-action buttons that increase the likelihood of conversions. As experts in using a variety of different content management systems, we will assess your current website and recommend any necessary improvements.


Content That Converts

When it comes to content on a website, it’s crucial to ensure that your content is persuasive, captivating, and informative. This is especially important if you’re representing a Family Law firm.

At Cure Digital, we specialise in providing content writing services for clients in the legal sector. With years of experience, we can create new content or update existing content, making necessary SEO changes to maintain top-page rankings on Google. We can even introduce brand new service pages to enhance your online presence. Our content is designed to convert and meet your specific needs.


SEO That Works

All the content on your site needs to be SEO optimised, this applies to the meta for the pages, the navigation and the content. Your site must create a seamless user experience.

We are experts in SEO at Cure Digital, it’s what we do. We will optimise your website’s structure, improve page load speeds, and create an intuitive user interface. This will not only boost your Google rankings but also enhance user engagement.


Social Media Mastery

In the digital era, having a positive online reputation is crucial for the success of your business. This is especially important for law firms that need to maintain a strong social media presence by sharing engaging and valuable content with their target audience.

Our team of experts specialises in managing your social media profiles, actively engaging with your followers, and building a community around your brand. We take a proactive approach to ensure that your online reputation is well-maintained.

Are you ready to level up your Family Law Firm?

In today’s age, it is crucial to establish a digital presence. The digital world is constantly evolving, and waiting is not an option. If you’re seeking to take your family law firm to the next level, contact us now.

Our experienced marketing strategists specialise in digital marketing for law firms, ensuring your online growth.

Contact Cure Digital to begin crafting a digital marketing plan that is future-proof and tailored to your firm. We aren’t simply service providers, but partners in your success. Together, we can make your firm stand out and leave a lasting impression on potential clients.

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Our team of experts will work tirelessly to increase your online presence, generate more leads, and ultimately help your law firm thrive in today’s competitive market.

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